maandag 9 november 2009

these boots are made for walking

utter most original dance.
baby shake that ass!!

maandag 17 november 2008

skype conversations logged

According to this article, only conversations with chinese skype connections can be logged. More specific the TOM-skype, which is the chinese version of skype. Specific keywords and conversations are captured, as wel as voice-over-ip conversations.
full article

maandag 22 september 2008

top 10 ten energy saving tips

Energy is becomming more and more expensive these days. With these 10 energy saving tips you can save up to 400 dollars a year. Some free tips that save you money with a little effort.

1. ventilate your house.
don't just keep warming up the house days and days, but let some fresh air vent trough your rooms every day! This way your rooms will warm up faster, and you get fresh oxygen in the house.

2. close all small gaps in windows and doors. do not close ventilation holes, and make ventilation holes in kitchen and bathroom.

3. use a thermos and switch off the coffee machine once your coffee is done.

4. turn of all sleeplights on tv and other electro equipment.

5. go for the cheapest provider, there is a lot of competition out there and probably you are paying to much. compare prices and check out whats best for you.

6. turn of lights if you leave a room

7. use energy saving light bulbs, they save up to 80% on energy compared to regular bulbs. they are not so expensive and very durable.

8. dont heat up rooms you barely use. a corridor, toilet or garage will not need to be heated, so close the doors.

9. do you really need the water to run that long? and what about the good old fashioned (and healthy) cold shower once in a while...?

10. wear an extra sweater if you are cold.

With these ten tips, you can make a big change in your energy consumption, and save lots of money at the same time!


smoke free bars: the hard life of a smoker

These days it's not always simple to enjoy a good sigarette over a fine and cold beer. Smokers are banned from bars, one of the stupidiest inventions of the 21th century. Luckily, we found a website which lists all smokefriendly bars, in Hong Kong.
That's right (and a little too bad), its only listing Hong Kong bars. But for those living or visiting there, it will come in handy. For all other people, you can post your local smokersfriendly bars in the comments..


donderdag 11 september 2008

Internet is going offline

According to this website, the entire internet will go offline in a considerable short amount of time.
It seems there are not enough fundings to keep the worldwide network running. You can read all about it on this link, and for those desperate cybernauts amongst us, there is still a glitch of hope..
be supportive.


improve your Katakana and Hiragana

If you are into Japanese languages, you will find this website very interesting.
An online tutor to learn and practice your Katagana and/or Hiragana.
You can type in a roman letter (or sound), and the system will return the japanese referring signs that go with this sound.
Very handy to improve your reading/writing skills in Japanese.
the website:


maandag 12 mei 2008

Brandbeveiliging en blustoestellen Lucka antwerpen

Voor de volledige inrichting van uw brandveiligheid in uw gebouw, auto, boot of andere ruimtes kan u terecht bij Lucka N.V. Antwerpen. Van een eenvoudige brandblusser of branddeken tot brandladders, branddeuren, brandkasten en volledige inrichting van de brandbeveiligings infrastructuur.
Uw veiligheid is veel waard, en is het volledige gamma van Lucka zeer betaalbaar. Je kan altijd een vrijblijvende offerte opvragen, en mij hebben ze ontzettend goed geholpen.

Kijk op voor meer informatie, en telefonisch word je meteen geholpen.
Zeer goede service, betaalbare prijzen, en uitstekende kwaliteit wat betreft brandveiligheid en brandbeveiliging.